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Common Sense Lending

Our goal and business plan are to develop long term relationships with qualified builders, rehabbers and real estate investors to provide fast and flexible solutions to each borrower’s unique and unconventional financing requirements.



As a direct lender without the constraints of conventional banks, we are able to recognize the potential of real estate projects that may seem difficult to finance as well as reacting in a timely manner to meet the demands placed on the buyer by the property sellers such as short sales, bank owned property and distress situations.


We only do non-owner occupied, business purpose loans. This allows us to react quickly to a loan request, unlike an institutional lender.


You can talk directly to the person who approves your loan. We are a locally owned family business and always available to make the process work for you. Why would you work with an out of state lender and be only a number compared to being an important customer to us locally.

We Want You to Succeed

In addition to all this, Turner Investment Group L.P. has made the business decision from the start to do all we can to help our borrowers succeed in their venture, for two reasons. First, we believe this is the right thing to do, and second it makes good business sense. We are in this for the long term and would much rather forge good mutually beneficial relationships with our borrowers, to help them not only pay according to the terms agreed on but also earn a profit for themselves so they are more likely to refer us to others and do more deals with us themselves in the future.


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